Summing Up of J-CPAC 2018

Summing Up of J-CPAC 2018


J-CPAC 2018 highlighted the alliance between Asia-Pacific conservatives including those in India, South Korea, and Australia. We discussed not only diplomacy and national security, but also transnational trends such as “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs), virtual currencies, and the kind of future we should strive for as principled conservatives.



At this event, experts tackled the trade war; the new big hot-button issue all around the world. They pointed out that having a trade imbalance is not in itself a problem, but that the real problem lies in unfair trade practices. These include the forced transfer of technology and the misuse of intellectual property by China. They also discussed the security threat posed by North Korean which is a crucial issue not only for Japan and the U.S., but also the entire Asia-Pacific Region.


J-CPAC 2018 was especially geared toward conservatives in the Asia-Pacific Region. Therefore, participants from five countries — Japan, the United States, South Korea, India, and Australia — gathered to confirm their dedication to advancing freedom, stability and the dignity of human beings in the region through the solidarity of conservatives across borders.



It is obvious that classical liberalism and democracy are under threat in the Asia-Pacific Region. China is laundering funds under the guise of opening access to the seas and pushing their “One Belt One Road” policy to expand their sphere of influence. China, North Korea, and Russia all pose a threat to our freedom and national security. Actions by the conservatives in East Asia are needed now more than ever to protect freedom and stability in the region.



Through this event, democratic countries who value the rule of law and the liberal international order gathered to strengthen the cause. This unity among conservatives will be pivotal to the Japan-U.S. alliance and help bring peace not only to Japan and the U.S., but the rest of the world as well.