July 29 (Sun) JCU Special Seminar was held.

July 29 (Sun) JCU Special Seminar was held.

On July 29th (Sunday), JCU Special Seminar was held at TKP Shibuya Conference Center.

On behalf of Japan and the United States, Mr. Egutaro Ogawa and Mr. Lance Gatling gave a lecture, and it ended in a great success with the standing of a crowded crowd.

Mr. Ogawa gave an article titled “How do you read Kim Jong Il’s crustal movements in North Korea?” And discussed the Japan-North Korea relationship in the future, the domestic challenges to the change of North Korea.
In addition, after the lecture, the sale and signing of the recent work by Mr. Eitaro Ogawa “Showa history of war” which can be read at once can be done, and it became popular enough to have a queue.

Mr. Guttle discussed the security environment around Japan as seen from the geopolitical viewpoint, the issue of Japan’s security, etc. on the subject “Japan’s security seen from America”.

From the participants,

“It was very helpful. I’ve heard interestingly from the beginning (college student / man)”
“I realized what I did not know very clearly, I want to learn more (50s · male)”
“It was a story from an angle that I have never heard before, I got books (70s · women)”

I got feedback such as.