In the last winter of Heisei, at the end of 2018

In the last winter of Heisei, at the end of 2018

This will be the last issue by the JCU this year.


Thank you very much for supporting the JCU this year. In 2019, we will continue making efforts to be a bridge between Japan, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific Region. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

2018 was a major breakthrough for the JCU and its conservative movement in Japan, the United States and the Asia-Pacific Region.

We had meetings with conservative leaders in several country, starting with JCU Chairman Jay Aeba meeting with President Trump and Vice President Pence at CPAC 2018. I believe that it contributed to deepening solidarity in the U.S.-Pacific Region’s conservative movement. In addition, we have strengthened the JCU’s Network Partners and held town hall meetings throughout the country. J-CPAC 2018 was held in November and welcomed participants from Korea, India, and numerous other countries. Thanks to you, it was a gorgeous conference and the turnout was even larger than the previous year.

Though this is my last letter, I wish you all the best in 2019.


2018 JCU Key Activities



Chairman Jay Aeba took the main stage at CPAC 2018 in Washington, D.C.,

where he announced the plan to launch the APCU in his speech.



Chairman Jay Aeba meeting with President Trump and Vice President Pence



・Visiting Seoul and Washington D.C.

In Seoul, he met with Chairman Choi Yong-jae to make preparations for the establishment of the KCU.

In Washington D.C., he visited the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services (SASC), the Ministry of Finance, and the White House to discuss security policy, the Japan-U.S. alliance, and the Asia-Pacific alliance.


■ June

・Started the JCU Network Partner System
・Visited New Delhi, India where he met with the country’s top officials, including Dr. Sanjaya Baru and Jay Leonard



・Held a seminar called: “The Future of CONSERVATISM and Blockchain”

・Held a special public seminar (Speakers: Eitaro Ogawa, Lance Gatling)




・Held JCU Town Hall meetings in Nagoya and Osaka



・Held a JCU Town Hall meeting in Hamamatsu



・Held J-CPAC 2018 in Tokyo

Invited notable guests including Mick Mulvaney and Akira Amari. The event was a great success.



・Published the book Trump’s America in Japanese

It ranked first on Amazon’s new arrivals list and received high customer reviews (☆4.5).




・Held the ”TRUMP’S AMERICA Release Anniversary Seminar” for the JCU Network Partners and a year-end party in Mie-ken, Japan at the hotel “XIV Toba”

・Held a meeting for JCU Network Partners in Tokyo