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Activities in Japan

JCU is striving to spread conservatism in Japan from the grassroots to the government itself. Our primary vehicle is our "JCU Ratings," which scores the votes of each member of the Diet according to how closely they adhere to conservative principles. In addition, JCU holds various seminars and events to inform and educate citizens on the tenets of conservatism and how these apply to their lives.

JCU Rating (Diet member “Conservative” score

JCU aggregates the voting behavior of Japanese parliament members, scored and announced the points of "Conservative" of them. Voters who seek freedom can choose appropriate candidates by confirming how much the council members are contributing to the realization of Conservative policies such as small government, tax reduction, deregulation, security, Japan-US alliance, etc. In addition, the ranking helps to define Conservatism in a clear way and people to understand it.

Various seminars / events

Under the cooperation with Conservatives in US like ACU and Republicans, JCU invites key persons from Japan and the United States to hold seminars and events what explain the latest US situation and the future of Japan-US relations. Through this activity, JCU are promoting Conservative philosophy in Japan and Asia, while nurturing the next generation.
"Trump Revolution" Seminar Hosted by Nakagawa Project Construction Co. (July 5, 2017)
"Trump Revolution" Seminar Hosted by Tajimi Mita Association (2017/3/4)
CPAC 2017 Main Stage Speech by JCU Chairman @ Washington DC, USA【 ▶ Watch a video】 (2017February / 25)
Symposium to hear "New Japan-US relations" by the new Trump Administration @ Meguro Gajyoen(2016 Dec. 9)
"Trump Revolution" Seminar Hosted by Fushiki School (2016/7/12)
Management seminar @ Toyama, Hosted by Iback Co. Ltd. (2016/4/11)
CPAC 2016 Main Stage Speech by JCU Chairman @ Washington DC, USA【▶ Watch a video】 (3/5/2016)
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Publication, Writing, Media Appearance

JCU is working to broaden understanding of conservatism through writings, editorials, and media appearances and by connecting conservatives in the U.S. and Japan.
TV / Radio Appearance
TV Asahi "Super J Channel" (10/10/10)
TV Asahi "New ni Damasareruna [Do not get damaged by news]” (2016/10/2)
Fuji TV "Your time ~Anata no Jikan [Your Time] ~" (2016/7/21)
Tokyo MX TV "Jun to Takashi no Shukan Literacy [Jun and Takashi's Weekly Literacy]" (July 9, 2016)
Fuji TV "Shin Houdou 2001 [New · News 2001]" (May 29, 2016)
Tokyo MX TV "Gugutte ○○ Kiitemita News no Uragawa Chosatai [I heard ○○by Googling. Survey Team behind the News" (2015/8 ~ 2015/9) (Regularly Appeared)

BS 12 "Gugutte ○○ Kiitemita News no Uragawa Chosatai [I heard ○○by Googling. Survey Team behind the News" (2015/4 ~ 2015/7) (Regularly Appeared)
Newspapers / magazines
Shukan Post [Weekly Post] "Trump to Tanaka Kakuei no Kyoutsuuten [Common Points between Trump and Tanaka Kakuei" (April 22, 2016)
Shukan Toyo Keizai [Weekly Eastern Economy] " ’ Clinton · Cash’ Shohyou [Book Review]" (4/9/2016)
Shukan Taishu [Weekly Masses] "Trump Daitouryou Tanjyo de Nihon ha Dounaru? [What will happen to Japan by Emerge of President Trump?]" (2016/3/28)
Tokyo Sports (April 7, 2015)

Gekkan [Monthly] WiLL (January) “Kounichi Rengoukai ni Gokuhi Sennyu [Secretly Infiltrating to "Anti-Japan Union"]
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Approach to Policy Decision Process

JCU works within the political process to advance conservative ideals and policies, JCU will begin implementing election planning support and study sessions in an effort to influence policy makers in Japan. In addition, JCU’ s mission includes education and promotional activities to shape public opinion in Japan and abroad.