“Freedom is not free… Give us liberty or death”: Andy’s Message from Hong Kong

“Freedom is not free… Give us liberty or death”: Andy’s Message from Hong Kong

“Andy” Chan Ho-tin has sent JCU a message for J-CPAC2019 from Hong Kong. He had planned to attend J-CPAC2019, but arrested when he was at Hong Kong International Airport for coming to Tokyo. Just after he was released, this video is sent from him.



————(The Content)———–
Good afternoon lady and gentlemen, our allies in the free world. I am Andy Chan speaking from HK.


First of all, thank you very much for your support. I would like to especially express my gratitude to Mr. Matt Shlapp, the President of ACU and Mr. Jay Aeba, the president of JCU.


I am safe and fine for now. I am sorry that I couldn’t join you in person. I wish I had the chance to get to know you and to talk to you. As you all know, I was detained and arrested for riot when I depart to Japan. I am now released without being charged and on bail. This is the second arrest I have encountered in a month and I am just one of the thousands who were arrested. Many more HK citizens will also be arrested very soon so the situation in HK is dire.


I am now urging everyone of you to join the revolution. We need you. I will propose three level of actions, from easiest to more complicated, that you may contribute. To make things clear, it is not just the revolution of HK people, but the revolution of the free world, the revolution of our time. We are now in 21st century, the year of 2019. It is ridiculous to me that there is still such a massive communist country in the world. What was not finished by our predecessors, now fall upon our shoulders. It is time for us to end Communism. It is time for all of us to join the revolution. When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a duty.


The first action that you may take part in is to acknowledge China as Chinazi. We HK people want the world to know that the Chinese regime is a Nazi regime. We want that to be circulated on media, on the internet all over the world.


Secondly, a humanitarian crisis is happening in HK. There was another terror attack committed by the HK police yesterday. They attacked innocent citizens randomly with batons, pepper spray and even iron bars in a train compartment and metro station. Hundred of people were hurt, but they could not simply go to hospital. Otherwise, they will be arrested by the police at the hospital. Our medical team has been overloaded and will collapse soon. Therefore, we need medical support. We need INGO to step in.


Thirdly, please bring full scale of sanction to HK. The sanction brought on China must ask brought on HK because China can escape sanctions through HK. I would like to take the chance to reiterate my advocacy again, is to revoke the 1992 HK Policy Act passed by the US Congress. It allows HK to enjoy a special status apart from China. However, it turns out to be a backdoor of the free world that could be accessed and manipulated by China. Moreover, over 70% of foreign direct investment goes in to China through HK. HK is the main window that China obtains US dollars from. Therefore, shut it down.


We HK people are ready for and welcome all kinds of sanctions. Out of the many sanctions, we are desperately wanting two of them. First, stop selling equipment to HK police. Second, restrict the entrance of HK police into your country. There are already PLA and paramilitary police undercover in the police force.


HK is already burning, we need China to burn with us. Freedom is not free. There is always a cost for freedom and dignity. It is our glory to burn with China. Give us liberty or death. Please bring sanctions on to HK.

“Andy” Chan Ho-tin, from Hong Kong. September 1st, 2019.