JCU Seminar in Gifu Prefecture

JCU Seminar in Gifu Prefecture


The Japanese Conservative Union held a seminar in Gifu Prefecture on Sunday June 12, 2022 to discuss Japan’s role in the world. JCU Chairman Jay Aeba spoke along with Information Analyst and author Mr. Tetsuhide Yamaoka. This seminar was held under the banner of “A Time For Choosing” which pays homage to Ronald Reagan’s speech in support of Republican candidate for president Barry Goldwater in 1964. With the rising dominance of communist China and other authoritarian regimes, Japan also is facing a time to choose its path forward. To ensure peace Japan must adopt a more realist understanding of national security and, as our speakers argued, that must come from the people of Japan on a grassroots level.


Mr. Yamaoka and Jay on the discussion panel


Jay’s address to the seminar attendees


Participants listening to Jay’s speech


A commemorative photograph of all the participants