“Why don’t we not morally judge each other on our motive and simply get to the facts,” asks Chairman Matt Schlapp.

“As far as the lying is concerned, every single one of these
supposedly independent outfits that are determining whether or not the
president is lying or telling the truth are funded by left-wing donors like
George Soros. And I’m sorry, I want NBC News and other media outlets to
rely on their own reporting and not on the reporting of these websites and
these blog sites that say he lies 9,000 times a day,” says Matt Schlapp.

“The country’s split, unfortunately. And if you look at poll after poll
after poll, we’re very polarized politically . . . And if you want to be
viewed, and your show wants to be viewed as just calling the balls and
strikes and the facts: When you take the extra step to say the president is
a quote-unquote liar, and that even when he’s corrected he’s continued to
lie, do you understand why people who have a conservative or Republican
point of view and actually see the facts and come to a different moral
conclusion — why they have trouble understanding why you have to make the
moral step — why do you have to say he’s done something immoral,” asks Matt