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Executive Officers

Founder of JCU

Shun Eguchi

We aim to identify and promote strong conservatives whose message applies anywhere in the world.
Postwar Japan has suffered from left-leaning dialogue and policies. People hesitated to discuss our national values and even our national interests.
However, with the passing of the 70th anniversary of the war, it is the time for us to evaluate our national security policies, established in the 1940s through Japan's constitution, and look to a conservative new approach that will benefit Japan and its neighbors.
In the current era, where the world is increasingly interconnected, Japan needs dynamic conservatives to share their firm view for rebuilding our country while keeping their eyes open to the world around us.
JCU will consult with conservatives around the world to identify common messages for this new era.
Our vision is to bring a common voice, both from within Japan and in other countries, to the great policy debates of the current era and help talents of the next generation develop their potential to make contributions to safe and economically stable world.
BIO: Shun Eguchi is the founder of JCU. After graduating from Takushoku University in Tokyo, he joined the Sankei Shimbun, Japan's only conservative national newspaper company.
He served as a sales director and the president of Sankei's branch newspaper specializing in economic news, Fuji-Sankei Business Eye. He founded JCU with Jikido Aeba in 2015.

Chairman, Conservative Commentator and Columnis

Jikido "Jay" Aeba

JCU wishes to help build bridge between Japan and the US separated by the Pacific Ocean.
Japan is a country with centuries of traditions leaving a long history of which we are proud.
International politics are changing around the globe.
The world is a more dangerous place than ever before. The balance of power is changing in many regions, including Asia.
It is time for Japan to have a greater sense of responsibility and provide positive impacts on Asia and the world. It is vitally important to increase our cooperation with our allies who share our values, such as the United States.
To solidify our common ground, JCU will work to promote conservative ideas on governance through mutual exchanges and a strong relationship with the ACU (American Conservative Union) and sharing ideas with conservative members of the Republican Party in the US.
We'll train talented Japanese young people to fulfill their potential in the world.
JCU seeks to be a bridge between the US and Japan and contribute to the fundamentals of freedom and prosperity in the world.
BIO: Jikido Aeba, conservative commentator and columnist, is the chairman of JCU. He has served as an adviser to the Republican National Committee on Asia-American relations. He co-founded JCU in 2015 as a counterpart to ACU.
He served as the editorial supervisor for the Japanese translation of Clinton Cash, Mr. Peter Schweizer's New York Times best-seller in 2016.