What We Believe

Bridge for Prosperity in Japan and the U.S. The Japanese Conservative Union (JCU) was founded in 2015. Our mission is to foster dialogue to expand understandings of conservative ideas, not only between the US and Japan but also within Japan and across Asia.

JCU believes the proper role of government is to protect its citizens' lives, safety, and wealth through a commitment to the rule of law and strong national security; to unleash economic growth by minimizing tax and regulatory burdens, thus empowering all generations to prosper; and to operate efficiently and transparently.


The Japanese Conservative Union (JCU)
Tower A, 28th Floor, Shinagawa Intercity 2-15-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 108-6028
Phone:+81(3)‐6717‐4447 FAX:+81(3)‐6701-7380

What We Do

1. JCU Defines Conservatism To define and measure the practice of “conservatism” in Japan, JCU conducts its "JCU Rating," calculating each Diet member’s conservative ranking based on their voting behavior. This project assesses how the members contribute to the enactment of legislation based on conservative principles, such as small government, lower taxes, less regulation, strong national security and commitment to the U.S.-Japan alliance.We are also planning to expand this rating to the governments of Asian countries.
2. JCU Grows Conservatism To promote conservatism not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries, we carry out various activities to educate the next generation. Cooperating with U.S. conservatives. especially the American Conservation Union (ACU), we invite key officials and thought leaders from Japan and the U.S. to participate in seminars and events designed to explore the current political and cultural climate in the U.S. and Japan, as well as the future of Japan-U.S. relations. In addition, we work to form conservatives with international knowledge by sponsoring participation in U.S. CPAC, writings, media appearances etc.
3. JCU Wins for Conservatism JCU works within the political process to advance conservative ideals and policies, JCU will begin implementing election planning support and study sessions in an effort to influence policy makers in Japan. In addition, JCU’s mission includes education and promotional activities to shape public opinion in Japan and abroad.

Board of Directors

Shun Eguchi
Shun Eguchi
Founder of JCU
Shun Eguchi is the founder of JCU. After graduating from Takushoku University in Tokyo, he joined the Sankei Shimbun, Japan's only conservative national newspaper company.
He served as a sales director and the president of Sankei's branch newspaper specializing in economic news, Fuji-Sankei Business Eye. He founded JCU with Jikido Aeba in 2015.
Jikido "Jay" Aeba
Chairman of JCU
Chairman of Japanese Conservative Union (JCU). Since 2012, he has served as an advisor to the Republican National Committee (RNC). In 2015, he founded JCU as the counterpart to the American Conservative Union (ACU) In March 2016, even though it was before Trump became the official candidate, he published the book "The Trump Revolution" which advocated Trump as being the long-awaited president, overriding objections from people around him. Together with "Clinton Cash" published in February (served as editorial supervisor), his books have achieved first place in the best seller rankings. After President Trump was elected, the words "Trump Revolution" which was coined by Aeba became a big boom among conservatives. He also supervised the Japanese language edition of the book “Trump’s America: The Truth about our Nation’s Great Comeback” (2018, Sankei Shimbun Publications Inc.).
Jikido Aeba (2016) Trump Kakumei [Trump Revolution] (Futabasha Publishers Ltd.)

(Japanese version supervised by Aeba) Newt Gingrich (2018), Trump’s America (Sankei Shimbun Publications) (Japanese version supervised by Aeba) Peter Schweizer (2016) Clinton Cash -Gaikoku Seifu to Kigyo ga Clinton Fusai wo Oganemochi ni shita Shuho to Riyuu- [Clinton Cash -The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich-] (LUFT Media Communication):
トランプのアメリカ アメリカ―その「偉大なる復活」の真相
Trump's America (Japanese Version)
Original Author: Newt Gingrich
Japanese Version Supervisor: Jikido Aeba
Publisher: Sankei Shimbun Publications (2018) Hardcover: 414 pages

How did Trump save America from a rigged system?
What challenges does America face today?
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who fought to "make America great again" at the front of the Republican revolution, has expert insight into Trump's America.
The Japanese version also includes a message to Japan from the author.
トランプのアメリカ アメリカ―その「偉大なる復活」の真相を購入
Trump Kakumei [Trump Revolution]
Author: Jikido Aeba
Publisher: Futabasha Publishers Ltd. (2016) Hardcover: 343 pages
Why are Americans enthusiastic about Trump? If he become president, how will it affect Japan?
Jikido Aeba explains the truth about Donald Trump and what happened in the 2016 presidential election.
Buy now Trump Revolution
Trump Revolution
Clinton Cash
Clinton Cash (Japanese version)
Original Author:Peter Schweizer
Japanese version supervisor: Jikido Aeba
Publisher: LUFT Media Communication (2016) Hardcover: 212 pages
The truth of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton - Have they sold the United States?
The author, Peter Schweizer who has served as a speechwriting consultant of President George W. Bush, vividly describes who were really behind those enormous payments.
This Japanese version is the first translation of the book that became a NEWS in the US.
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Our Global Partners

American Conservative Union
The American Conservatives Union (ACU) is the oldest and largest grassroots organization in the United States dedicated to empowerment of conservatism. Currently, the ACU boasts extremely strong influence in the United States through a presidential election or preliminary election, and Conservative Political Council (CPAC) held every year. In the CPAC, the ACU proudly embrace the president that belongs to Republican, the vice President besides to conservative federal lawmakers, state governors, presidential candidates and others. Also, the ACU announced annually “ACU Rating”, which has a great impact on voting trends of conservative people. Additionally, the ACU are highly engaged in communicating and advancing the goals and principles of conservatism through one multi-issue, umbrella organization including the National Conservative Foundation (ACUF think tank function) and the National Conservative Coalition Political Action Committee (ACU PAC).
Asia Pacific Conservative Union
The APCU (The Asia Pacific Conservative Union) formed in January 2018 to protect the “Peace and Prosperity” of Asia. The APCU has been founded headquartered in Taiwan, a strategically important location in Asia, as the key location for “Conservatism” upholding freedom and democracy in each region in the Asia Pacific. The APCU issues I-FORCE coin, a kind of cryptocurrency, which allows them effectively advance the principles of freedom and democracy beyond the Asia.
The Korean Conservative Union
The KCU (Korean Conservation Union) was founded in May 2018, in order to show an alternative to the future Moon Jae-in administration aiming for. The KCU are in process of reconstructing the state based on conservatism, through the international alliance with the ACU, APCU, and JCU. Also, the KCU works as a core organization of APCU, and it will hosts the KCPAC and provides anti-totalitarianism events. Besides, the KCU will transform the DPRK’s leader, Kim Jong Un’s totalitarian regime into a denuclearized open democracy society and promote a gradual and democratic unification with 25 million North Koreans.